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Wireless Security


Anchor 1 Security
Camtruder 64

Door/ Window Contact


Pet Tolerant Detector


Wireless 64 zone system using military encrypted 2-way radio sending alerts and camera images up to 400 metre range indoors and outdoors - The system can be controlled by your smartphone

Glass Break

Installed adjacent to glass windows the glass break is acoustic and listens for the sound of breaking glass. Just one glass break device covers up to a 6 metre radius of glass.

A simple device of two magnets pressing together when the door or window is shut. When the door/window is forced open the magnets break contact and activate your system. 

Dual Tech Detector

This wireless detector is used for harsher environments such as conservatories, garages and sheds. Blending Passive infra-red (PIR) and K-band microwave technology prevents false alarms

Traditional intruder detector sits unobtrusively in the corner of your room and detects an intruder over an area of 15m x 15m/ 90° wall creep coverage.

Window Detector

The window detector is ideal for windows where you want to still walk around the room with your system switched on such as bungalows and upstairs bedroom windows over a flat roof.

Shock Detector

The shock detector reacts to attempts to brute force a window or door. The amount of shock can be adjusted to suit conditions preventing the false alarms of the old fashioned “tremblers”.

Wireless Safety


Anchor 2 Safety

Smoke Detector

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Water Leak Detector

Wireless smoke detector with superior smoke detection sensitivity levels providing an early warning of developing fires

The wireless carbon monoxide (CO) detector has a loud internal 95dB buzzer as well as activating your panel siren.

Wireless water leak device detects water at ground level before a major flood develops. 

High/ Low Temperature Alerts

Ideal if you are away in the winter and your boiler cuts out providing you with early warning of potentially dangerous low temperatures enabling you to take action before your home is flooded.

Smoke + Heat Detector

Smoke + Heat detector is a fully supervised, wireless heat and photoelectric smoke detector. It has a streamlined design that fits any residential or business application, minimising false smoke alarm alerts

Arming & Disarming

Anchor 3 Arming/ Disarming

Mini Proximity Tags/ Chicklets

LCD Touch Screen Keypad

Keyfob Panic/ Remote Control

Simply by holding up to the keypad the decorative proximity tag you can arm/disarm/part-arm your system, initiate emergency fire and panic alarms and review your system status.

Sleek and stylish design the touch screen keypad combined arming station will add wireless security to your home in a class of its own. Present your Chicklet to the touch screen for easy to use Arming/ Disarming.

Slim, stylish and small keyfob enables you to arm and disarm your system from anywhere in your home, upstairs or downstairs, garden, driveway or car at the press of one button.

Wireless PIR Cameras

Anchor 4 Wire Free Cameras

Indoor Camera/ Detector

Add up to 10 day and night cameras combining a pet tolerant intruder detector with a camera and so saves fitting two devices.


Anchor 5 Communications

Broadband Module

GSM/ GPRS Module

Smartphone App Access

vis phone app new.jpg

For our internet alarm users choose to add a broadband module to your alarm to give you full access to your alarm from anywhere in the world.

Essential for homes without a telephone landline we can easily install this GSM module inside your system panel which can also provide “air wave” back up to the landline. 

View and control your alarm system remotely, using your Smartphone! Includes indoor and outdoor cameras viewing with - Video on Demand - As and when you wish.

Anchor 6 Medical


One button - Medical/ Panic

Wireless easy to use 1 button emergency/ panic button. Offers enhanced security and peace of mind as with a press of a button you are in contact with ACT or family and friends.


Anchor 7 Sirens

Dummy Siren

Wireless Live Siren

A visual deterrent that can be used to discourage burglars from your home

Wireless Siren is not just a visual deterrent, but also an effective method to alert those nearby that an activation has occurred and requires attention.

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