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GSM/3G Module


Essential for homes without a telephone landline we can easily install

this GSM module inside your system panel which can also provide “air wave” back up to the landline. Ideal for remote homes with no landline, yachts, cruisers, caravans and motorhomes.

The GSM module requires a live monthly low tariff sim card and not a

pay-as-you-go sim card.
There are 2 ways the GSM module can be used or both;
As a GSM module your system will send texts to you on alerts and enables talk/listen through your panel for our 24 hour 365 day monitoring station operator to talk to you, identical to the landline operation.

Alarm GSM, alarm mobile sim card

As a GPRS module your system connects to our server and requires our low cost Bronze digital monitoring service.

This is a constant polling GPRS module sending an “I’m ok” signal to the server every so often. Should the “I’m ok”

signal not be receieved your system notifies you of any disruption.


You can use Apps/internet to arm and disarm your system from anywhere as well as your system sending emails on alerts.
Adding cameras combined detectors will enable your system to send you short video and audio clips from each camera on activation. Plus you can log on anytime for real time viewing for visual verification.
The GSM/GPRS modules can also be combined with the broadband module.
The advantage of GPRS is that you can use a low data usage sim card costing very little per month.
Combine our Bronze digital, Silver audio and Gold visual monitoring services for your complete peace of mind!

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