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Monitoring Services

A.C.T. offer comprehensive range of monitoring services, allowing you to tailor your package to meet your needs, as and when you wish. The state of the art technology used with your alarm system allows you the freedom to be monitored not only for intruder alerts, but also fire and medical alerts, ensuring the safety and care for your home and family 24-7.

Live Visual Monitoring


Combining the state of the art alarm system with A.C.T. monitoring services will give you further piece of mind thanks to the 365 guaranteed response monitoring station team, whom can view your detector cameras, only upon activation to contact the relevant emergency services if required.

Live Audio Monitoring


The audio monitoring service is highly recommended as it allows not only you, but your friends, family, keyholders or even next door neighbors as well as the emergency services that an activation has occured. This may be one of the most useful features of your Alarm system as it can report, intruder, fire and medical alerts.

IP Self Monitoring


Your Smartphone App or browser provides a convenient arm/disarm/part-arm functions from anywhere in the world, at the touch of your finger. You may also wish to use your video on demand funtion to view your home while away from home.

Please note, whiles IP Self Monitoring is active, you can also receive alarm alerts to up to three E-mail addresses, so you are always connected.

SIM Card Monitoring


Sim card monitoring is used where there is no landline or broadband to the property. By using a GPRS/GSM sim card module and sim card you are able to receive the same live audio monitoring service as long as your property is in a mobile phone signal area.

Dual Path Monitoring


This combines both live audio moniotring which uses your landline and SIM Card Monitoring. Dual path monitoring is used for an “air wave” back up to allowing all monitoring services to be active should the broadband/telephonelandline fail or be cut.

Monitoring Recommendations

A.C.T. ensure all monitoring station personnel are trained to a high professional standard, more importantly issue continuous professional development programmes to maintain the appropriate level of competence to administer business and residential alarm activations accordingly.
Here at A.C.T. we recommend the the 5 star package which includes Visual, Audio and IP Monitoring.
Please note, Visual Monitoring is only applicable when you purchase your wireless camera detectors.
Smartphone App Video Tutorial
Smartphone App Video Tutorial 
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