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Advance Consumer Technology include a range or products including the most up to date wireless security technologies as well as the most convenient reliable hard wired CCTV systems. A.C.T. provides the best of both worlds to ensure your requirements are met and installed/ maintained at a professional standard. You will be pleased to know both wireless or wired systems, alarm or CCTV systems have smartphone app compatibility so you don't lose out on any of your systems features.

Wireless Alarm Systems


Thanks to the new wireless technologies, not only can we cover further distances, up to 400m wirelessly, we can also secure your wireless transmission from any unintentional or intentional interference, using encryption overcoming any concerns you may have when thinking to go wireless.


Wireless is becoming the more favourable option as the requirement for cable running around your property is minimised, as well as offering you the opportunity to add more security, safety or medical devices for your system in the future when the needs arise.


If you are looking for a wireless system that is considered more reliable than hard wired systems which include genuine wireless indoor and outdoor cameras, please view the Wirefree Alarms section above.

Camera Systems


As newer technology emerges, it is important to consider which technology will be most suited to your requirements.


To make life easy, A.C.T have a range of CCTV options which include, wireless & hardwired, 

Viewing playback has never been easier, with 30 days of recording from a multi terabyte on a network video recorder if you plan to record for a longer time.


Please note if you have any enquiries on a system, please call in so we can help you make the right decision.


If you are an existing customer and the in house demonstration carried out after your installation wasn't enough, why not call through to our technical department for further help.




Viewing Systems


To add convenience to your day to day lifestyle, you may wish to go ahead with our Smart App enabled door viewing system.


Using  answering the door inside your home at any point of the day as the integrated camera is both day and night vision, including the options for a range of different door bell types.


Door viewers are not only useful for door viewing but to also view any unanswered door visits whiles you are out of the home thanks to the still shot pictures option, which takes a picture upon the door bell being pressed.


Due to the battery consumption on wireless door viewers, we strongly recommend our hard wired system, proving to be reliable in both residential homes or businesses.







We take great pride in our work and also our customer service, which is our existing alarm customers are happy to take advantage of the monitoring services available.


Monitoring services start from a simple call back service all the way through to visual verification monitoring station services, ensuring any response given to the emergency service dependant on the type of activation will include the most descriptive characteristics of the scene at the time.

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