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Carbon Monoxide Detector


The wireless carbon monoxide (CO) detector has a

loud internal 95dB siren as well as activating your

panel siren. The CO detector gives early warning of

CO poisoning danger, preventing damage to vital

organs and even death.
A sophisticated microprocessor receives data from a sensor,

calculates the CO level and leak duration, and provides an

alarm before dangerous CO levels are present.
The detector has a five-year life and an expiration timer that

notifies you when the detector should be replaced. As a

battery-operated device, detection continues non-stop, even

during power outages.

Wireless carbon monoxide detector

As well as activating local alarms in your home all wireless hazard devices communicate which hazard to you and/or our 24 hour 365 day monitoring station using telephone landline and/or GSM module by audio and text message.
Using military radio encryption and not Wi-Fi gives a wireless range of over 400 metres from a device to the panel, indoors or outdoors.
This intelligent system turns down the battery output the nearer the device is to the panel yielding an easily changed battery life of up to 5 years.

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