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LCD Touch Screen Keypad


Sleek and stylish design the touch screen keypad combined

arming station will add wireless security to your home in a class

of its own.


The keypad doubles up as an arming station using the mini

proximity/swipe tags so your system panel can be hidden away

in a cupboard.


The large icon-based display is clear and appealing and so is

easy to use by children or elderly people.


There are no complicated commands to remember or blinking lights

to interpret.

Wireless Alarm LCD Screen

Simply by holding up to the keypad the decorative proximity tag you can arm/disarm/part-arm your system, initiate emergency fire and panic alarms and review your system status.
Tapping the keypad wakes it up to save battery ower but the keypad can also be mains electric powered so the screen stays permanently lit. Audible arming and disarming warning even when battery powered.
Add as many touchscreen keypads to your system up to a maximum of 32 keypads!

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