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Keyfob Panic/ Remote Control


Slim, stylish and small keyfob enables you to arm and disarm

your system from anywhere in your home, upstairs or downstairs,

garden, driveway or car at the press of one button.


As with all the 2-way radio devices in this system the visual

verification on the keyfob confirms the signal has been sent,

received and acknowledged by your panel. So you can’t miss!


For houses to arm the downstairs only the keyfob includes a

part arm single press button for night time use.

Wireless alarm keyfob | alarm remote control

The key fob also includes a panic button to protect you from your home to your car, sunny days with doors and windows open when intruders can almost walk in and anywhere in your garden.

As easy as activating your car alarm with no complicated codes to remember.

Using military radio encryption and not Wi-Fi gives a wireless range of over 400 metres from a device to the panel, indoors or outdoors.
This intelligent system turns down the battery output the nearer the device is to the panel yielding an easily changed battery life of up to 4 years

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