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Wireless Outdoor Siren


The wireless Outdoor Siren resembles your property is secured with a house alarm. Not only is it a visual deterrent, it acts as a real siren with no cables required, notifying those around the property an activation has occured at the property.


When exiting your property the Outdoor Siren indicates the alarm is turning on by strobe light activation, to confirm the system is in the arming state. Additionaly the Outdoor siren gives an output of audible beeps to notify the user the alarm is turning on, please bear in mind you may have the option to choose to turn on or off these features when your alarm is installed.

Unlinke the traditional standard house alarm, the wireless outdoor siren has a has a up to date feature called Siren Net.

Siren Net is a useful feature which combines audible alert devices such as smoke detectors to sound an alarm upon activation.

Actications include, intruder, fire, co2 and flood, all of which include a different audiable alert, so you are aware of what activation has occured in the property and to act accordingly. This feature is exteremly useful for properties with just one wireless outdoor siren, as you now have indoor as well as outdoor sirens.

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