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Camtruder Wireless System


Call now for your free survey for us to install the latest in professional wireless security alarm systems for your home or business with superior range, prolonged battery life and unmatched wireless robustness.
When we call round to provide your free survey we take our time and have a step by step process to ensure that you, your family and your home or business has the best all round wireless protection.
When we install your system we discuss with you where devices will be sited to your approval, install the system and then spend as much time as you need to learn to operate your wireless system.
With our 24 hour 365 day monitoring service we are always here for you in times of need.
With 64 zones and up to 120 wireless devices using military radio encryption this system is large enough for any home or business with just one wireless panel.

Wireless intruder alarm system

The panel has a landline module as standard enabling talk/listen through your panel for DIY monitoring or for us to provide silver audio monitoring service.
This panel has a built in speaker/microphone enabling us to talk to you and you to talk to us without the need to pick up your phone!
So, if you set the system off by accident you just give us your password.
If you are out then the panel provides “active intervention” scaring off any intruder by ”the voice” of our monitoring station live operator and the operator can then take the appropriate action.
For more information on monitoring please refer to our monitoring section.
Up to 10 battery powered camera combined intruder detectors can be added indoors or outdoors sending images from up to 400 metres from your garden.
Each camera emails a short video and audio clip on activation to any smart device and/or our BBSC 24 hour 365 day monitoring centre.
You can view your cameras any time, real time for visual verification by logging onto
Adding a broadband module and/or a GPRS sim card module enables you to arm and disarm your wireless system using our App as well as receiving the camera images.
Select any or all of the wireless indoor security detection and then select from the wireless outdoor security detection.
Select your method of arming and disarming that suits you and your family.
Decide if you would like any external sirens and some of the wireless hazard alerts are a must.
Add some wireless cameras combined intruder detectors and then whether to add broadband or GSM module communications.
So call us now to have the latest and most advanced wireless system installed in your home or business.


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