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Outdoor Camera Detector


Superior outdoor detection with virtually no false alarms this camera

combines a small animal tolerant intruder detector with an outdoor camera.
Using military radio encryption with over 400 metre range from the

outdoor camera/detector to the panel this is ideal for protecting your

garden, car, driveways etc. activating your system before the intruder

is even near your home.
Using innovative Octa-Quad technology this device can distinguish

between a moving person and swaying trees and bushes and remains unaffected by rain, direct sunlight, small animals and changes of light

levels etc.


Battery powered so the camera is power cut proof and doesn’t need electric power.

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The image and audio clips are sent using military radio encryption and not Wi-Fi and so do not affect your existing Wi-Fi network at all.

If you do not have broadband to your home then the panel can use a sim card.

Or, you can add a sim card module as an “airwave” backup.
If your system is switched on then you will receive a short video and audio clip from the activated camera. If the mobile panic device is pressed then the system sends images from all its cameras.
Or, using the App/internet, you can view your camera images real time, any time.
Combine low cost 24 hour 365 day BBSC visual monitoring services with audio monitoring to provide security for your home in a class of its own.

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