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Wired/Wireless CCTV Cameras

Sounds great you say but what of trees and bushes blowing in the wind?
This CCTV is very clever and allows us to zone out trees and bushes
just leaving solid areas such as paths, doors etc. preventing those
nuisance false alerts on windy days.


Have us install up to 64 IP cameras in your home or business, outdoors and indoors. Your CCTV will alert you if you have an intruder in your garden or yard, 24 hours a day!

There are four types of cameras available; the small turret camera the larger vandal resistant camera and a powerful PTZ with 22x optical zoom and 150m IR. In most circumstances the small Turret camera is more than sufficient with 4MP image and 30M IR but for those specific longer range problematic areas we recommend the vandal resistant camera with its motorised zoom. Or for th ultimate in coverage we offer a fully motorised PTZ camera with up to 100m IR

The images from all of the cameras can be digitally zoomed in on playback.


All cameras have full Infra-red illumination so whichever cameras is
best for you there is no need to install additional lighting.

Our better than HD CCTV system does not only record the problem.
This CCTV system will also notify you by sending an email up to 3
users allowing you all to log on and see what the problem is real time.
The system works very simply on pixel movement.
I.e. if the picture changes for any reason all users get notified. 

Both Apple and Android Apps are free to draw down from their respective App stores. The reallygood news is our CCTV systems are supplied with a dynamic DNS and so you no longer need to have a fixed IP address.

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